Hello and welcome to The Rando.

Okay, so what is this?

This is The Rando, a new service starting up that is focused on handling your random service requests. Our goal is simple: restore our communities. Get people talking to people again. Our idea is new, it's different, and it's random. Just the way we like it.

Cool story bro, tell me more.

Have you ever needed help with something (legal) random enough that you couldn't find a professional phone number to call? If so, save this website. We want to establish the idea that when you need something, you have someone to call.

When would I ever need you...

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  • You want to move a heavy couch.
  • You need us to proofread an essay.
  • You want snacks delivered to a party.
  • You want yourself delivered to a party.
  • Your computer isn't working.
  • You need your oil changed.
  • Your car died and you need gas.
  • You have a volunteering opportunity.
  • You need fillers for your short video.
  • You want a LAN party setup.
  • You want food delivered to your office.
  • You need your new TV mounted.
  • You need your closet organized.
  • Your car needs to be cleaned out.
  • You need a pet sitter.
  • You need a baby sitter.
  • You need someone to wait in a long line.
  • You need your grocery shopping done.
  • You want a chauffeur for the day.
  • You need rust removed from your bike.
  • You want something photoshopped.
  • You need your house cleaned.
  • You want to deliver a singing telegram.
  • You want to upgrade computer specs.
  • You want high quality pictures taken.
  • You need something photoshopped.
  • You need a temp worker.
  • You need flyers created/printed.
  • You need your office cleaned.
  • You need a gym buddy.
  • You need IKEA furniture setup
  • You want a snazzy logo for your business.
  • You want a cook for your barbecue.
  • You need your office cleaned.
  • You need help writing an essay.
  • You need help learning trigonometry.
  • You need to troubleshoot a 3D printer.
  • You need a phone unlocked.
  • You need your office cleaned.
  • You need a designated driver.
  • You need to understand Microsoft Excel.
  • You need a file type converted.
  • You need beta testers for your new game.
  • You need chores done around the house.
  • You need to vectorize a logo.
  • You want us to find you cool stuff to buy.
  • You need a house sitter.
  • You need a Hindi translator.
  • You need a Farsi translator.
  • You want to setup and/or host a garage sale.
  • You just realized it's your anniversary.
  • You want to hang out.
  • You need help creating a spreadsheet.
  • You need a tech guru.
  • You need a woman's perspective.
  • You need a man's perspective.
  • You need to get something off your chest.
  • You want a job.
  • You need to turn facts into a presentation.
  • You need an extra player for a sport.
  • You need something sold online.
  • You need to be picked up from the airport.
  • You need to be dropped off at the airport.
  • You want a personal website created.
  • You want a Call of Duty themed cake.
  • You need help building a resumé.
  • You want to recycle some electronics.
  • You need us to pick up dry cleaning.

The Rando Locations

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rando locations map

Rando Event: Earth Week

Give back to the world.

This next Tuesday (April 22nd) will be Earth Day and since we feel like the world has been good to our people, and business, we want to give back what we can. Instead of only one day, we'll be helping our Earth all week - picking up trash, learning about solar energy, planting new trees, conserving energy and water, whatever we can find. If you have any time next week, which we know you do, come join us! Check the calendar for more details.

Rando Event: Total Lunar Eclipse

Join the awesomeness.

Come with us and check out one of the coolest events in space you don't need a telescope to witness - a total lunar eclipse (when the Earth moves directly between the Sun and the Moon). If you aren't from around here, we encourage you to find somewhere to witness it. We'll be at the Top of the World Park in Laguna Beach at 10:00pm. Everyone is invited as long as they respect the nature around them. No littering, no screaming, you know what not to do. Just sit, relax, and enjoy the universe.

Taking our business to the streets. Watch out world.

Business Cards from Vistaprint

After just a couple weeks, we got the business cards rolling out to anyone who wants one. We're moving quickly, but silently. We needed some flash (but without the red tights...although now that you mention it...) Anyway - online, offline, we're ready to bring you closer to our reality. A reality where there's always a number to call, and always someone to help. Let's form a community, people.

First Service Request - Daylight Saving

Fantastic Success

Our first request went as randomly as we ever could've hoped for. Turned out to be a nice lady with a great collection of watches. Since Daylight Saving had just passed, she needed them reset (which is random enough). She continued, saying she only needed help getting the pin out of the side (you know, that thing that's probably broken plenty of your fingernails?) Too perfect. I setup the appointment later that day and handled all 10-20 watches within a few minutes, no problems. She offered some money, but I wanted our first service to be free of charge. She couldn't let me leave empty handed, so she offered me a cup of broccoli for the ride home.

I love my job.

Many thanks to HTML5 UP for the awesome web template

Check out their website.

We wanted to go with something cool... something that says "We're Millennials... and we're proud of it." Think they nailed it.

Seriously though - tell us this isn't the jazziest, snazziest web template you've ever seen. Go ahead, lie.